Xeoma + IP Cameras + WebCams + Chromecast = Free Home Surveillance With DVR


Available through Felenasoft at http://felenasoft.com/en/

I was recently introduced to a Freemium piece of software called Xeoma. It’s basically the holy grail when it comes to integrating Cameras of ALL types include IP with rtsp, http, udp, tcp feeds and will find most of them automatically. It will also include any Regular USB WebCams that can be directly plugged into your computer.

At that point it comes down to “Chaining Modules Together” the most of which you can do with the free version is 2 sources with 3 modules each, which allowed me everything that I needed for my 2 camera system.

I started by configuring the chain of Modules, it’s very easy, here is an example of a simple 3 module chain that will DVR to a Drive:


Each of these Modules need to be configured.

Here are some example screenshots of my configurations, but you’ll need to change your camera settings accordingly.


Notice how the Motion Detection allows you to choose sensitivity and zones, etc.. It’s very full featured.


And Finally you have to choose how long you want the DVR to record, etc on the last part of the chain.



Once you get it all configured, it’s well worth it. You’ll have a DVR system like this that you can monitor as needed and it will mark motion events for you.

Here are some shots from my actual setup :



Okay, so now you’ve got all your Xeoma Cameras set-up, but you want to put it on your ChromeCast, what now?

It’s actually more simple than you think. Chances are you already have the Google ChromeCast Plugin.

In the ChromeCast plugin in Chrome, there’s a small dropdown menu : castscreen


Once you select that, a popup will ask you which monitor to share. Share the monitor with Xeoma on it fullscreen and WAM – IP Cameras on your ChromeCast.

If there’s something about this topic that you’d like more detail about, please feel free to post in the comments and ask any questions!

Have fun Scavenging! There’s so many cool libraries and open source/freemium products out!

Bitcoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin and other Virtual Currencies

Are these the currency of the future?

While we have definitely seen that Bitcoin can be used for both noble and nefarious purposes, it’s hard to argue that they don’t have their place, and they certainly aren’t going away.

How can I get in? Where do I store these virtual “coins”.

That’s a little tricky.. the Payment Processors are getting a lot of pressure from major credit card companies because Bitcoin doesn’t charge the outrageous transactions fees and so it’s a threat to their business model. So far CoinBase has a very good reputation as being a safe place to store your Bitcoin should you not want to do it on your local machine. Holding them on your local machine comes with it own set of risks, which you can find about in detail by googling about wallet encryption.

Other ways to get in?

Do you play Texas Holdem Poker or Gamble? You can actually Gamble for Bitcoin. Check out http://www.bitcoinpoker.net/ for a list of sites where you can risk your bitcoin and play a variety of casino type games (at least until the Nevada Gaming Commission gets ahold of them).

Any Other Opportunities?

Bitcoin Venture Capital is a website that allows people who mine bitcoin and have bitcoin investments to use those investments to drive the development of Web Applications. Got an idea for a web application but don’t know how to hire programmers? Let Bitcoin Venture Capital handle the Project Management for you and help transform your vision into a marketable product that’s generating a return on investment.